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My love for baking began with a love for sweets that I inherited from my dad, Harry. He always needed to end his meal with a little something sweet. I began baking at a very young age in my beloved Easy Bake Oven. I graduated to “real” baking when I was about 10 years old. I am still using my 1967 Betty Crocker kid's cookbook!


When my kids were growing up I probably baked cookies once a week on a regular basis. I soon began gaining a reputation for baking, especially for my Snickerdoodles that I have been baking since my husband Dave and I were first married, almost 40 years ago!


Although I’ve dabbled in all genres of baking I kept coming back to the cookie. Because, I mean, who doesn’t like a cookie?  I began working on perfecting my recipes for the classic cookies we all remember from our childhood.


One day I was hit by the desire to spread a little joy and happiness one cookie at a time. So Hello Cookie Co. was born! It has been a real family effort. A big thank you to Dave, my kids and kids in law, Lauren, Brandon, Andrew and Michelle, and of course my special little taste testers Kellan and Harper and Conrad for their help and support!


So…join me in spreading a little cookie sunshine with Hello Cookie Co.

Beth Neal

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